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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Svenska Dagbladet
SvD writes about India’s plans to launch a device similar to Apple’s iPad, at a fraction of the price. The initiative is India’s answer to the USD100-computer aimed at children in developing countries that MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte developed five years ago in the US. According to the Indian government, USD100 was too much, and therefore several professors at India’s leading technology institute were given the assignment to come up with something cheaper. The result, which currently exists as a touchscreen prototype, is expected to be launched as early as next year, according to the Indian government. The initial price will be USD20, with the aim of reducing that to as low as USD10. Mamta Varma, a spokesperson for the Indian government says that the low price is realistic with falling raw material costs and sensible design. “This will pressure all of the hardware manufacturers to keep costs down and renew themselves,” Varma says.

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