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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Svenska Dagbladet 
The market was far from ready when the company 3 launched one of the world’s first 3G mobile networks, writes SvD. Phones were too cumbersome and lacking in features for consumers to see the attraction of the network, which was costly to build. It wasn’t until the mobile broadband breakthrough three years ago when consumers began using the network to access the Internet with their laptops that the trend shifted. The iPhone kicked off the smartphone revolution, and now 3 has seen growth in the form of 300,000 new mobile customers in the last year. CEO Peder Ramel says 3 may have entered the market too early, but that its network was built to handle today’s data-hungry smartphone users. Now it is time to review the pricing options it offers customers, he says. “More packaged prices are needed so that a family can combine all of their subscriptions.”

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