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Friday, October 29, 2010

Svenska Dagbladet
Net operating profit for Norwegian telecom operator Telenor fell from NOK4.6 billion last year to NOK3.9 billion in Q3 2010. The results beat analysts’ expectations, however. Business volume increased to NOK24.1 billion, compared with NOK22.8 billion in the corresponding period a year ago. Profit after taxes declined from SEK3.5 billion to SEK1.7 billion. The Norwegian market was positively affected by the rise in mobile data traffic. The operations in Asia saw the greatest increase, with organic growth of 13 percent. Telenor raised its full-year group forecast for organic growth in 2010 from 3-5 percent to five percent.

LG Electronics posted losses in Q3, as it has more or less missed the smartphone boat, and is lagging seriously behind competitors such as Samsung, reports SvD. LG, whose mobile-device sales dropped ten percent compared to last year, has just now launched its first smartphones. 

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