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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dagens Industri 
A Hong Kong-based mobile manufacturer has copied Ericsson’s logotype and homepage layout on its own site. The company calls itself Hericsson and sells mobiles that resemble Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Blackberry models, writes DI. On its site, which is amateurish and rife with spelling errors, Hericsson claims that through low prices and good service it successfully exports to 50 countries. DI was met with a fax signal when it tried to contact the company by phone. “This is obviously brand infringement. Our lawyers are currently looking into how we should proceed,” said Henry Sténson, Senior Vice President and head of communications at Ericsson. The Hericsson website is registered to the Chinese company Xin Net Technology Corporation, which sell domain names, many of which have reportedly been used for illegal purposes.

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