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Friday, August 13, 2010

Financial Times, Wall Street Journal
Google’s compromise with Verizon over net neutrality rules has divided the Internet industry. Companies such as Facebook, Ebay, Skype and Amazon are in staunch opposition to the joint proposal, under which Verizon would be allowed to charge Internet companies extra to have their services channeled through a new “fast lane” running parallel to the existing Internet and would be free to block or slow services on its mobile network. “Two-tier networks with corporate toll lanes would stifle ground-up innovation and benefit dominant businesses at the expense of smaller competitors and entrepreneurs,” Ebay said. Christopher Libertelli, Skype’s senior director of government and regulatory affairs, added: “We believe openness principles should apply to wireless as well as fixed-line internet access.” WSJ writes that AT&T has said that the proposal is a good start, but that the issue must ultimately be settled by Congress.

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