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Friday, August 13, 2010

Financial Times
According to FT, government officials in India are meeting with the country’s telecom operators today to discuss demands for access to encrypted BlackBerry services. The move comes at the behest of India’s home ministry as part of tightened security measures in advance of the Commonwealth Games in October. FT writes that privately-owned Blackberrys do not use the same degree of encryption as devices hooked up to corporate servers. This makes an agreement possible under which telecom operators could set up local servers to comply with government demands for access to Messenger traffic. An agreement of this type is thought to be the basis for the negotiations in Saudi Arabia and could establish an international precedent, according to some analysts. “It is important because it is a prerequisite,” said Al Hilwa, IDC program director, referring to the situation in Saudi Arabia. “In order for any authorities to have the data, they have to have access. If RIM is going to end up playing internationally, this is what they’re going to have to do,” he said.

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