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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dagens Industri
As the build-out of 3G gets underway in India, the country’s government has halted investments from operators because of national security concerns, writes DI. Delays due to security audits for telecom vendors required by India’s government resulted in a decline in Ericsson’s Q2 sales in India. However, at the end of the quarter several of Ericsson’s customers received approval to proceed, while competitors such as NSN expect further snags and Huawei and ZTE continue to be the brunt of government reservations. Now that the frequency auctions have been concluded, Ericsson expects to continue to deliver 3G equipment to India this year to meet operator demand, says P Balaji, Vice President of Communication and Corporate affairs at Ericsson in India. But Balaji says it is difficult to say how long the government’s security requirements will affect the situation. Ericsson is negotiating with the Indian government to achieve a balance between the security aspects and the business aspects, Balaji says.

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