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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Financial Times

Yesterday, WHO released its Interphone report conducted under the auspices of the IARC, which states that mobile phone use does not increase the risk of the brain tumors glioma and meningioma. IARC director Christopher Wild summed up the study by saying, “An increased risk of brain cancer is not established from the data from Interphone. However, observations at the highest level of cumulative call time and changing patterns of mobile phone use since the period studied by Interphone, particularly in young people, mean that further investigation of mobile phone use and brain cancer risk is merited.”
Vodafone said it would return to revenue growth in the coming financial year despite a GBP2.3 billion impairment charge to its full-year results amid fierce competition in India. “We are creating a stronger Vodafone, which is positioned to return to revenue growth during the 2011 financial year, as economic recovery should benefit our key markets,” CEO Vittorio Colao said. FT writes that organic revenue growth for the year to March 31 fell 2.3 percent as European service revenues declined by 3.5 percent, offsetting 9.8 percent growth in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. However, Vodafone said the pace of decline in its mature European business slowed to 1.7 percent in the final quarter. Revenue rose 8.4 percent, to GBP44.5 billion, on favorable currency exchanges. Pre-tax profit increased by 107 percent, to GBP8.6 billion, as the group met its GBP1 billion cost reduction targets a year ahead of schedule. In line with expectations, EBITDA rose 1.7 percent.

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