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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dagens Industri
Last week, Google announced major plans in the TV segment. But in Stenungsund, Sweden, a little start-up called People of Lava has been developing the idea of smart TV for a year already. “These days, a computer seems totally useless unless it is connected to the Internet. In a few years, the same thing will apply to TV,” says Martin Ljunggren, marketing director of People of Lava. In April, People of Lava became the first company in the world to introduce Android-based TV. People of Lava intends to compete with titans such as Sony and Google by offering an exclusive, high-quality brand with a unique design.
DI writes that TeliaSonera’s LTE network, which was the first one in the world, has had a slow start, with only 1,000 customers so far. One of the main reasons for the sluggish opening is that there are still no compatible handsets.

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