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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dagens Industri
DI writes that many of the 135 Swedish companies operating in India entered the market as suppliers to Ericsson and ABB. In total, 775 Swedish companies have each reached sales of SEK1 million for goods and services in the country. “In China, a Swedish company is established every fourth day; in India it is two per month. But the rate is increasing and that which makes the market so interesting is most of all the gigantic domestic market. The purchasing power of the middle class is crucial for growth,” says Bengt Johansson from the Swedish Trade Council. Among the advice Johansson has for Swedish companies doing business in India, is stay aware of how large the market is in the vast country. A consequence of operating in such a market is that many companies use Indian distributors, which Johansson says must be chosen carefully. In interviews with the Swedish Trade Council, three out of four Swedish companies said they have experienced communication problems with domestic distributors in India, and 83 percent of the distributors failed to reach sales goals.

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