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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wall Street Journal 
T-Mobile USA might enter into an agreement to market a new Android-based Huawei smartphone this holiday season. Huawei is looking for an entry spot into the US smartphone market, while T-Mobile needs a low-priced handset to attract new customers, writes WSJ. However, the Chinese telecom giant might face the same security-related hindrances with its smartphones as it has with its network equipment. “The federal government needs to think long and hard and move slowly,” said Mr. Riley Repko, a senior adviser within the US Air Force’s cyber operations.

In Tokyo, a new brand of vending machine has started replacing the regular rows of bottled drinks. A 47-inch screen uses a camera to sense the gender and approximate age of whoever is standing in front of the machine, and uses the assembled profile to recommend a beverage. NEC is utilizing facial-recognition technology to collect information on how many people have looked at the display and even measure their attention levels. Mobile-phone technology creates codes that attempt to shepherd consumers to specific websites, and most Japanese handsets contain this type of technology, which then directs users to certain stores and makes offers. There are privacy concerns related to the technology, but NEC’s digital-signage manager says buyers of advertising want to know that they are reaching people.

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