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Friday, July 23, 2010

Financial Times, Wall Street Journal

Motorola has accused Huawei of conspiring with over a dozen former Motorola employees to obtain stolen network technology trade secrets, including detailed information on the company's "seamless mobility" initiative. The complaint, filed July 16 in a US district court, is an amendment to a 2008 law suit against Lemko and the same group of employees, which alleged that former Motorola engineer Shaowei Pan helped establish Lemko with the idea of obtaining information from nearby Motorola, writes WSJ. In the latest complaint, Shaowei Pan is accused of having reported stolen tech information directly to Huawei founder and chairrman Ren Zhengfei for about ten years until 2004. FT writes that Motorola claims a string of emails tagged “Motorola Confidential Proprietary” showed that “Huawei and its officers knew they were receiving stolen Motorola proprietary trade secrets and confidential information without Motorola’s authorization and consent.” Both Huawei and Lemko have adamantly denied the allegations, and Huawei stated that its only relationship to Lemko has been in the form of a reseller agreement. 

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