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Friday, June 18, 2010

Affärsvärlden met with Håkan Eriksson, CTO and head of Ericsson in the Silicon Valley. H Eriksson spoke about Ericsson’s role in the Valley and the US market.
H Eriksson says that the US is in the forefront when it comes to phones, applications and operating systems. But when it comes to mobile system US has not taken over, says Eriksson.
Ericsson is more and more talking about the so called computer cloud, where all programs are in the net instead of in the computer or in the mobile phone. This is part of Ericsson’s vision for 2020 when 50 billion connected devices  is expected to be connected to the cloud. Ericsson is, with its products and solutions for mobile and fixed networks, offering the connection between the devices and the cloud.

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