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Friday, December 19, 2008

Nokia & Motorola notch up 90% of smart phone market in China

Motorola may be facing heat from competitors in USA, its home country and its handset business vertical may be struggling as well. But bringing some cheer to the firm are the findings of a new study which reveals that the firm along with global handset major, Nokia, sum up for 90 percent of the smart phone market in one of the world’s most lucrative market, China. The results are for Q3 2008.

Nokia is way ahead though with 69 percent market share followed my Motorola with 20 percent market share in the country. HTC and Samsung respectively form the top 4 players. The country saw 7.5 million shipments of smart phones in Q3.
On a quarterly basis, the sales in terms of units grew by marginal by 0.6 percent. The revenues grew by 4.5 percent on a quarterly basis to reach 18.17 billion Yuan.

The report said that Nokia will continue to dominate due to its wide range of product portfolio in the mart phone segment with a attractive price range.

For operating system (OS), Symbian occupied the top slot with 71.3 percent market share. Linux and Microsoft were the other major players. But Android is expected to pose a significant challenge in the near future.

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